Ice Rider

  • Photographer
    Costas Kariolis
  • Technical Info
    Iso 100 | 70mm | F8 | 1/30sec
  • Photo Date
    February 19th 2019

The muted Finnish winter landscape and lighting conditions inspired me to explore winter minimalism. The landscape was barren and sparse, not a sole in sight. The temperature was a mild -2 Celsius. As I set up my camera, a man on a kelkka - a small sled equipped with runners, glided elegantly into my composition providing a focal point interest, sense of scale and an element of surprise and mystery to the moment.

Award-Winning Outdoor & Travel Photographer. Seascapes, landscapes and urban environments is where I find my photographic inspiration. I am drawn to water and fascinated with interpreting movement, light and rugged and varied environments. My photographic work is described as authentic and minimalist. I am passionate about sustainability and the natural health benefits of the great outdoors.