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"maletilla" Success

  • Prize
    Gold in Events/Other
  • Photographer
    Jordi Cohen
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The Spanish bullfighter Francisco Montero triumphs at the Fiesta del Toro in Ciudad Rodrigo (Spain). He managed to get out on the shoulders of the Ciudad Rodrigo bullring after cutting 2 ears on a very emotional afternoon. This is the story of a "maletilla", a young man who, without means and without help, tries to enter the world of bullfighting by participating in "capeas", a popular minor bullfighting festival in which bulls are fought for fans according to the customs of each locality . He was an outstanding participant in the "capeas" of the Carnaval del Toro 2019.

Jordi Cohen is a documentary photographer based in Barcelona. Born in Manresa, Spain. With a Medical background, he has worked for twenty years in the health sector in Spain, Latin America and Africa. Make fundamentally social reports. His work attempts to convey emotions linked to cultural aspects of different countries and civilizations. NGO Contributor AIDNOH (Haiti), Agua de Coco (Madagascar) and Cafebabel (Digital European magazine).Has exhibited his work in Europe and America, to highlight San Diego Art Institute, CEH “Manege” St. Petersburg, Royal Geographical Society of London, Galle