TOKYO-2019 Fine Art / Other


  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Other
  • Photographer
    Andrea Alkalay
  • Technical Info
    Digital Photography. 100% Cotton Paper. Manual Intervention. Gold Leafs 24k.
  • Photo Date
    2016 - 2019

As a mystery of time, the kingdoms that were part of the silk route maintain their religious landscapes seeking for enlightenment, as Lord Buddha. In my journeys through these lands, I search for traces of past history that are still dormant and find gold as a timeless element. Kutho comes from a burmese word that means merit. Devotees applies pure gold leaf to their relics for a better reincarnation, and I use them to seal this series. It´s a stamp in my memory of the light that bounces on those men´s fingertips who can touch the sacred. A grace that we women are forbidden to access.

Born in Argentina in 1965 and hold a degree in Industrial Design by the University of Buenos Aires. Was trained in art-photography with great masters attending workshops and residences programs. In 2016 Uncertain Nature photo-book was published from the experiences of her journeys through Asia / America. Her work is internationally exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs as Museum of Fine Arts Franklin Rawson, Cultural Center San Martin(Argentina), National Museum of RAK (UAE),Espacio FotoArte(Uruguay),Mundo Nuevo Gallery (Arg), BAphoto2019(Arg), ArtMonaco2015. Live in Buenos Aires.