TOKYO-2019 Nature / Seasons

Cold Winter- Hot Heart

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Seasons
  • Photographer
    Emilie Houben
  • Agency / Studio
    Emilie Art Photography
  • Technical Info
    Iphone 7
  • Photo Date
    22 January 2019

This is one photo of a serie called CAR ART- my point of view. I wanted to show all 4 seasons taken from my windshield car (inside out)Every time I made the picture it had just rained or had snowed. There were raindrops on my windshield so you would have a special effect on the outcome. No photoshop used, natural light only. I did use the iPhone by purpose because I would like to show that as a photographer you make the difference by showing your point of view. You can even make beautiful pictures with an iPhone. The camera doesn't make you a good photographer. The picture taken does.