TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Portrait


  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Portrait
  • Photographer
    William Ye

Story 1: A girl, let’s call her Lily, pale, angelic is taking care of another girl, let’s call her Lilith, wounded, wrapped in bandage. A time goes by, Lily and Lilith grow more intimate, and eventually the wounded Lilith takes the dominant role, and our angelic Lily is now being taken care of. Story 2: A girl, Lily, is pale and angelic. However, as the story unfolds, she slowly changes, her skin starts peeling off; her face changes, it’s hard to say if she is beaten, or just putting on crazy makeup. Eventually she starts to wrap bandage on her due to her injury, and she becomes Lilith. Now, as you may have guessed or noticed from the mirrored images, Lily and Lilith are really the same person. We human have developed our defense mechanism as we struggle with trauma, or let’s just call it unpleasant experience so as to lighten the mood. A lot of the time when we talk about our not-so-good past, we keep an expression-less face, as if we are talking about someone else, for it’s the only way that we do not drag ourselves back into past dark mood. We each appear to be Lily on the outside, but deep inside everyone there is a Lilith who stays dormant but can wake up anytime. The injury in the two stories are merely metamorphic to the real negative psychology impacts that the society bombard at us. Published in Dark Beauty Magazine MUA: Emily Fung Wardrobe: Sarah Penwarden Model: Kathryn McIntosh, Selene Lee