TOKYO-2018 People / Self-Portrait

The Dark Side of Love

  • Prize
    Gold in People/Self-Portrait
  • Photographer
    Ilaria D'Alessandro
  • Technical Info
    Black&white Photo + Real Pins And Red Thread To Simulate The Net We Remain Trapped
  • Photo Date

It's a series that want to investigate the Love issue. Sometimes we are so weak to let our partner be too predominant. 1 Falling in love. It’s so strong the feeling you trust in, that you naively close your eyes 2 The blind love! You are so stretch forward your Lover, that you are unconditionally available to accept everything 3 piece by piece the soul of your lover is established above yours, building a strong net 4 It’s the moment which you risk your own identity becoming who your partner think you are 5. you open your eyes up again and recognize you are stuck. The loss of own identity.

I'm proudly born in the South of Italy, but I spent half of my life in the North, studying design and architecture, and then working as an Architect/Visual Artist in Milan in an architectural studio. At 30y I decided to listen to my artistic voice, I went to States to realize my art-projects and to curate a few small exhibitions. Becoming to discover who I really was and accepting myself was the best thing I ever have done. I'm obsessed with the time, every day I play my game against Him, and I'm always a loser. Taking photos it's the only way to stop the time. I love pizza and salmon.