TOKYO-2017 Architecture / -

The City of Juncture

  • Prize
    Gold in Architecture/Cityscapes, 1st Place winner in Architecture
  • Photographer
    Yoshihiko Wada

“The city of juncture” is focusing on the unique Japanese junctions’ scenery in urban area especially in Tokyo and Osaka. Since those huge structures were built a lot in urban areas with limited space in order to organizing traffic, we have an advantage to see them at very close distance; some of them have very unique intertwined exteriors. That’s why they’ve been attract many Japanese photographers, who love their unique exteriors comes with many curves, lines, decayed metals and pipes. Even though “Junction nightscape” is much beautiful than capturing them during day time, those glaring lights and deep shadows were just obstacles to capture the genuine structures. Rather using day time long exposure technique is preferable way for focusing the subjects; eliminating moving objects, vehicles and pedestrians. Plus panorama technique can capture wide surroundings atmosphere with much less distortion instead of using wide angle lenses

As well as being a passionate photographer, Yoshihiko is also a professional sound designer in the very demanding video game industry. Waterfalls were his first obsession and found himself totally enamored with the surrealistic smooth flow caused by ND filters. He now finds himself in his most comfortable place in the black and white fine art architectural genre. In 2016, his panoramic long exposure bridge-city scape “The Land of Connections” have topped on many photo competitions, including one of the prestigious award, International photo award (IPA).