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Semana Santa

  • Prize
    Bronze in Events/Other
  • Photographer
    Jorge Fernandez

Religion in Spain is a controversial issue. Since supposedly Catholicism ceased to be the official religion of the country, it has taken a back seat in the daily life of the Spaniards, but continues to play a fundamental role in popular culture and traditions. During the Holy Week processions are celebrated throughout the Spanish geography and Seville is, without a doubt, the place where these are lived with greater fervor; with more than a week of processions that last well into the night. With this work I wanted to experience to what extent Holy Week is rooted in popular tradition and how the people of Seville live it, where a large part of the population lives religious events with passion and many others become practicing Catholics for a few days and they immerse themselves in the paraphernalia of traditions to be part of a celebration in which present and past are confused.