TOKYO-2017 People / Family

My Mother's Hands

  • Prize
    Gold in People/Family
  • Photographer
    najla alkhalifa

My Mother series is a very personal collection that touched my heart while working on it, for it brought a stream of childhood memories, of unconditional love, indefinite giving, self-denial, sacrifice, and protection. It is a series of 12 photos. It is a depiction of the hands of a mother, not any mother “my mother.” The nurturing hands that held, raised, nurtured, nursed, protected, and guided six children, and six grandchildren. They are now the hand of a wise old woman, the traces of time has taken its toll on her soft loving hands. Each wrinkle entails a story, an incident, a worry, and at the same time, it is a tale of her strength, resiliency and success as a mother, not any mother “My Mother,” my haven, my anchor, my rock, my everything. My mother started her story when she was seventeen, and now it is my turn to tell you her story, with the help of her grandchildren.

Najla AlKhalifa is an International Award winning photographer from Saudi Arabia. She believes that photography is Man's collective conscious, a timeless universal language. An active member in the Saudi photography scene; participated in over 70 photography exhibitions around the world, teaches photography, organizes workshops, trips, and exhibitions. In 2014 Saydaty Magazine recognized her as one of the most distinguished Arab Women.