TOKYO-2018 Portfolio / Fine Art

Memory Box : Things and Facts

  • Prize
    Silver in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Young Lee
  • Technical Info
    The Photographs Were Shot On My Dining Room Table With Many The Ceiling And Table Lamps Turned On.
  • Photo Date
    Feb. 2018

Memory is often subjective and selective. An event may be recalled differently by people, by circumstances, and by passing of time. In my imaginary space with strange shadows, pieces of memories shown as small photos are hung on a line dangling, and is being lifted up in a box from the water of time. With a new appearance every time I try to remember. Memory box can be a place, a person, or an event. The objects in the small photos are things in my house at the time this series was being shot. The repeated change of dimensions represent the distorted memories. Distorted but still tell a story.