TOKYO-2018 People / Culture

L'Anima Dei Pupi/the Soul of The Puppets

  • Prize
    Bronze in Events/Other, Bronze in People/Culture
  • Photographer
    Alessandro Ingoglia

The art of building the "puppets" is a tradition that in Sicily has been affirmed since the second half of the nineteenth century and thanks to the transmission of father to son continues until today. This way of passing down the art and the trade has made it possible to create real family schools, each with peculiarities that make them unique. I wanted to tell this tradition through the youngest family of pups in Palermo, that of Salvatore Bumbello. Salvatore has learned since childhood, first playing and then working with his father Luciano and then when he was an or

Photographer because, always in contact with art, painting and music, today I prefer to express myself through photography so that I can tell what's going on around me, when I travel, or more simply when I walk in the streets of my city with one click, one click. To refine my technique I followed the courses of Palermofoto and the workshops of Patrice Terraz, Sandro Iovine, Antonio Manta and Fausto Podavini and Valerio Bispuri, but above all I read the photos of the great photographers of the past and the present.