TOKYO-2017 Nature / Seasons

In Search of Silence

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Seasons
  • Photographer

In the Western world, it has become almost impossible to find silence. We are exposed to the noise of civilization, even in remote places. According to the German magazine, Der Spiegel, almost one in two people nowadays feel annoyed by the noise. I capture silent moments with my camera. The simpler the subjects, the better. It is possible that this is an escape from reality, but I believe the noise is a troublemaker that reduces the quality of life. I try to minimize the complexity in which I live to a minimum. There are still places far from the hustle and bustle, even in overcrowded regions such as the Alps in the heart of Europe. To locate such places is one thing; to be there at the right time is another. In all cases, my way of photographing reduces life to what fits in my backpack.