TOKYO-2017 Editorial / Personality

GNMA: In the Mountain's of Japan's Gunma Prefecture

  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial/Personality
  • Photographer
    Etienne Leung

In spring, 2017, I participated in an artist residency in Onishi, a small town with the population of seven thousand people in Japan’s Gunma Prefecture, Japan, where she shot her award-winning short documentary film Lucky Boy. Being motivated by the local residents’ enthusiasm and vitality of life, I wandered around in the town during the process of shooting Lucky Boy. Through captured candid moments in town through photography, I learned how the local people found happiness in their everyday lives, despite having to confront the issues of the aging society. This short stay in Gunma was definitely a life-changing experience for me, therefore I worked hard on returning something back to the people I met there, hence the book.