TOKYO-2017 Portfolio / Advertising

Bellarest mattress advertising campaign

  • Prize
    Gold in Portfolio/Advertising
  • Photographer
    Francisco Javier Hernandez Marzal

Series of images taken for the "Bellarest" mattress advertising campaign, during December 2017 in Guangzhou, China

FJHM is an advertising photographer resident in Spain. He has the soul of a painter and uses the camera as a brush. His fine art works have the power to bewitch the audience, sticking out of their reality and entering inside an eerie world. He began approximately around 2000 doing works for the advertising sector. His projects begins with the same approach to the painter in front of a canvas, making sketches, to define the main idea as well the composition, looking always for iconographic references, props, locations, and so on. He usually takes continuous lights avoiding digital manipulation