TOKYO-2017 People / Self-Portrait

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  • Prize
    Gold in People/Self-Portrait
  • Photographer
    Elizabeth Casasola

Strange views are what we see of others that we begin to forget even though there is an extensive geographic catalog of bodily events Am I dreaming? Feeding the spiders The body as a language, like any other language contains ambiguous meanings and histories, just as the language is short to refer to the meanings and where we barely manage to express ourselves, the words are not equivalent nor do they always embody the same things; the body also tends to be less and hence different performative actions take place to prolong the subjects' relationships, savoir faire, know how to pretend. The possibility of lying in subjects who exercise incomparable corporalities.

PhD student in Viisual Arts Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Master PhotoEspaña, Photography and Artistic Projects. Master in Visual Arts Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.Her visual work has been exhibited in Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Japan and Australia.