TOKYO-2017 Science / -


  • Prize
    Gold in Science/Technology, 2nd Place winner in Science
  • Photographer

In Feb 2011 I was at JFK. A headline in the TIME magazine caught my eyes to read a certain article. It said, “The Year Man Becomes immortal.” Since then I have been really interested in Singularity in technology. Now our technology such as AI, Biotechnology, Medical science, Nano tech progress so fast. I am always glad to hear the development of those technologies and they solve various problems in our society. However, when a human being is joined with technology I wonder if people remain the same as what we are now. Comparing with other animals, the most important factor for human prosperity is intelligence. I feel that when the human brain gets installed with artificial intelligence, that’s when we might be able to see the next life I am excited at the same time as I feel anxious.