TOKYO-2017 Editorial / sports

Rolling Thunder

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/sports
  • Photographer
    Nino Jim Bacalso

In skateboarding, we don't have parameters. we don't need to stay between any lines. There is no such thing as limits. The world is our stadium and nothing is out of bounds. Skateboarding teaches the lessons of life better than anything else. Sometimes things comes naturally, easily. Sometimes it takes just one try. Other times you fall. So you get up and try again and again. You push harder. You make adjustments. And give yourself time to breath. You acknowledge the risks, but set the fear aside. Because you know how the reward will feel. You know that it's worth. Skateboarders are naturally more calm, relaxed and resilient than most other people. And it makes sense, given the nature of what we do each day. Rolling Thunder is a project that started since last year and is purely dedicated to skateboarding, . All photos were taken using Fuji Film X-cameras. This series expresses a lot about the character of street skateboarding. On how a skateboarder conquers the odds in order to land a trick. For me to able to capture that decisive moment whether in geometrical framing, motion or in a minimalism way is a pleasure to do and I am very blessed to be part of that moment.