TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Special Effects

Intimate Conversation

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Special Effects
  • Photographer
    Jane Olin

Intimate Conversation My love of trees inspires this work. My older sister and I played for hours under the protective canopy of the tall, stately trees of the Pacific Northwest. Even though we were young, we played with little or no parental supervision. Those were happy, carefree days. There’s something about trees that makes me feel safe and even nurtured. That youthful visceral experience with trees heightens my concern for the well being of the trees. These images push toward the edge of darkness exploring feelings of despair over heightened concerns over the effects of climate change on tree ecosystems. This is wet darkroom work. After exposing tree negative onto silver gelatin paper, I pour, spray, and drip developer onto the paper’s surface. The chemicals interact with the paper in unconventional ways. During an 8-hour period, I revisit the print in process many times adding chemicals as needed and trying out experimental ideas.

Jane Olin is an award-winning fine art photographer based in California’s Monterey Bay. Working for over 30 years in the epicenter of the West Coast photography movement, Olin originally learned straight photography in the style of the historic Group f/64 from students of Ansel Adams. Drawn to Japanese aesthetics and Zen Buddhism, Olin’s images originate from deeply intuitive experiences. Known for her experimental camera and printing techniques, she pushes the boundaries of analog photography by manipulating solutions on exposed gelatin silver paper.