TOKYO-2017 Book / Nature

Beautiful and sad

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Nature
  • Photographer

People for convenience, a large number of years will not rot the styrofoam, plastic and other products, Not only the destruction of the beautiful beach, but also bad extension of descendants.

2010 Pingtung Art Exhibition Photography Category 2011 Kaohsiung Art Exhibition Photography Awards 2013 Taiwan Fisheries Department Photographic Optimization 2013 Photograph of the 61st South American Exhibition 2013 2013 Pingtung County Government's 2013 Guangying Photography 2014 The 62nd South American Exhibition 2014 Photographic Optimization 2015 Kaohsiung International Air Station Photographic Optimization 2016 The 63rd South American Exhibition 2016 Photographic Optimization 2016 In 2016, member Lin was selected as an international photographer