TOKYO-2016 Book / People

Poesía Escondida. La Habana, Cuba

  • Prize
    Silver in Book (Series Only)/People
  • Photographer
    Luciano del Castillo

Poesía Escondida/Hidden Poetry A night, during my first trip to Havana, I sit on the steps of the Capitolio and observe, finally relaxed, the life that flows before me. A old man, toothless and with a big smile comes over and asks me: “Tienes fuego?”. I reply that I do not smoke. He looks at me and, says with an wry smile: “No tengo ni fuego ni nada pero tengo tanta poesía!” (Neither I keep fire nor else but I keep a lot of poetry), and then he gets up and walk away smiling and dancing ... So begins my journey to Havana, a city which I read a lot and heard even more, for good and evil, like heaven or hell. Walking at leisurely pace through the streets and alleys, between the dark houses or along the shining Malecón, slowly I realized what I was looking for: its poetry. These images try to do without clichés and acquire from the immense human river flowing into the city.