TOKYO-2016 Portfolio / Fine Art_PO


  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    edgar garces

Sarcasm, irony, transgression, nonchalance and black humor, lots of black humor, these are the main narrative components that marinate this singular visual approach which its address through the aesthetics of the tripod and the conceptual corrosive speech the topic of urban excluded majorities, contemporary roles and construction of identities in the outskirts of Cartagena de Indies in the 21st century. Processes of globalized individualization, imposed way of thought, indelibly secular imagery and atomized collective memory. All this kneaded and wrapped for the morbid silk of the mediatic and oppressive trans-culture that asphyxiates up to the faint. Everything shows up in sharply attitude and raw flesh as a product of the meticulous, provocative and suicidal auto-dissection that is performed as a kind of hara-kiri infront of a mirror. Oppressive visual semantic adorned with points of light firmly optimists where the lugubrious technic of the low key; the urgent, perspicacious detail, the suitable and suggestive texture, grants to INFABUALARIUM the possibility of raising, of decreeing what it is necessary to say and more, much more … perhaps mock at oneself and of our social ills would it be the best, the only and most healthy antidote to exorcize existential misfortunes and this way to reaffirm with unequivocal forcefulness an authentic cultural identity?