TOKYO-2016 Moving images / Other_MV

Apuan Carbonate

This project talks about an environmental transformation in the Apuan Alps of Tuscany, Italy. Here the famous, white Carrara marble is extracted. Every year, approximately five million tons of the mountain are removed via its quarries, but only a minimal amount for ornamental use. In fact, 80% of the extracted marble is made up of fragments, mostly employed in the production of calcium carbonate. This material is widely used in industry, due to its unique properties and relatively low cost. It can be found in bleached paper, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foods, etc... Products that we use daily. But every day, as well, the environmental impact increases. The landscape is undergoing irreversible changes.

I was born in Prato, Tuscany, Italy in 1965 and still live there. I am enthusiastic about hiking and excursions and I imagine my photographic path as being a new journey on foot: slow, full of thoughtfulness and curiosities with long stops and detours. A previous work experience in digital graphics introduced me, self taught, to the study of images and visual communications. My works has focused to social and environmental problems, I’m very attracted to the study of landscape and the man-made changes which leave their signs, having critical impact on natural resources.