TOKYO-2016 Editorial / sports

American Dream

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/sports
  • Photographer
    Roberta Cappelli

Willpower of the american football players in Rome. American Football in Italy is not as organized and popular as in U.S.A. Facilities for practice of this sport are, in most cases, improbable and very uncomfortable, but perhaps, precisely because this reason, American Football in Italy is still made of passion, willingness, determination, and the Italian players are very headstrong and proud to play this sport. A team of the Roman coasts has grown up having its training session on a makeshift field. Expecially during the winter, with the wind coming from the nearby sea and under heavy rains, this situation tests the real tenacity of the guys, willing to do whatever to play the sport that for them is a lifestyle. Rain, mud, puddles, low lights, old balls, sometimes a bit deflated, against the backdrop of the nearby public housing, show the loneliness of a sport not well known in Italy. But sometimes, a couple of dogs reach the field for a run along with the athletes ....