Honorable Mention TIFA 2023 Nature / Wildlife

Balaeniceps Rex

  • Photographer
    Dennis Wehrmann
  • Agency / Studio
    Denniswehrmann Awesomewild
  • Photo Date
    Oct. 2022

the shoebill is quite an impressive bird, very rare and hard to find. there are only very view places left on the world where to find him in his natural swamp habit. If you are lucky you are able ti find him in south sudan, tanzania and uganda. possibly the bests chances to find this awesome bird are the mamba swamps in uganda close to the city of entebbe. at least this is the place where I was able to find this rare bird, such a lucky moment. other people plan a whole trip to find the shoebill and are trying for weeks and he just showed up right next to us on our trip to the mabama swamps.

i am not a professional photographer, but photography and journalism is my profession. photo-journalism and traveling is my most favorite field, especially if some african country is involved. the first moment I set foot on African soil a was in love with that continent, the people and the animals. besides that I have an affinity for meditation, clear lines and the beauty of perpective. both personal professions can be found in my photographs, sometimes both combined.