Honorable Mention TIFA 2023 Nature / Wildlife

The Path of Each Little Elephant - Finding Friends For Life and Confidence

  • Photographer
    Dennis Wehrmann
  • Agency / Studio
    Denniswehrmann Awesomewild
  • Photo Date
    October 2021 to March 2022

Shooting a series of elephants was always on my mind, but there was no fitting story. I read so many books about these intelligent giants and the overall story of them is how dependent they are on each other, possibly they are the most social animal on the plant. For sure the baby elephants are totally dependent on their mother, very shy, very curious and always highly in danger. The series is very special for me. If you observe these giants a lot than you gain a deeper understanding of them and their gentle soul, these series gives an insight to their behavior and they souls.

i am not a professional photographer, but photography and journalism is my profession. photo-journalism and traveling is my most favorite field, especially if some african country is involved. the first moment I set foot on African soil a was in love with that continent, the people and the animals. besides that I have an affinity for meditation, clear lines and the beauty of perpective. both personal professions can be found in my photographs, sometimes both combined.