Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 People / Children

Swimming of Memory

  • Photographer
    Kenichiro Hagiwara
  • Technical Info
    26mm, 1/125, F6.3, Iso500, Sony ?7iii, Lightroom And Other Dev Apps Use,
  • Photo Date

I love the image of marine life combined with a child. It reminds me of the genetic roots of life. In the spiritual world (I think of it as a fairy tale, but a nice fairy tale) it is often said that children have pre-birth memories. I imagine that our ancestors have a primordial genetic memory of what happened before they left the sea for land. Those memories are still there when we are children... Am I imposing too much of my own romanticism on the existence of children? Whatever the case may be, this is the image that makes me happy and makes me click the shutter.