Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Nature / Trees


  • Photographer
    Peter Ogden
  • Technical Info
    Iso250 – 24mm – F/3.2 – 1/20 To 1/800- Sec
  • Photo Date

When the mist falls and clings to the land, our national parks become otherworldly places; magical realms where anything seems possible. The fog dampens the sound and all that can be heard is dew dripping from leaves. Tough, strong and defiant, Australia’s iconic trees are truly twisted when the mist rises. Like ghosts, they’re always there, lurking in the corner of our vision. Even bushfires can't erase them. They fight back, regenerate. In mono, that otherworldliness seems even more apparent and the amorphous patterns of our majestic trees in the morning mist are something to behold.

Australia is a landscape unique in its savagery and spectacle. Being UK born, I first arrived in Perth and that first experience saw me in the Nambung National Park whilst using a big stick to fend off brown snakes. I was the art director on a commercial photography shoot – keeping one eye on the back of the camera, the other firmly on the red dirt around the tripod. That juxtaposition, the incredibly beautiful landscape combined with the incredibly scary natural critters, has fascinated me ever since.