Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Portrait

L'Altro Io II

  • Photographer
    Rosy Carletti
  • Technical Info
    Tecnica Mista - 35mm. F2/2 1/160 Sec. Iso 640
  • Photo Date

Tra reale e surreale scoprire un'altra parte di noi, un io che vuole uscire, intrappolato da una materia, per rinascere.

Live in Verona Italy Photography feeds on passions, emotions and feelings that I try to convey in images. When I take a photo I don’t just see a face, eyes, an object or a landscape but I enter a present or past reality, in palpable and some kind of dream or in some deep memories. I am curious and creative and I look for beauty in all its forms, even following unspecified rules. Photography for me is a palette of feelings, shades of light, shadows and colors, emotions that lead to infinite variables of interpretation.