Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Portrait


  • Photographer
    Loukia Hadjiyianni
  • Technical Info
    Fujifilm Xt-3, Xf18-55mm F2.8-4, Iso250, 32.9mm, F/ 5.6, 1/125sec
  • Photo Date
    March 2022

Growing up in a small, conservative country, I always felt limited when it came to living with myself as a female. Being stereotyped, defined by others and often belittled left me confused and insecure about this big part of myself. Today I try to explore topics like sensuality, femininity and the female gaze. Through photography, I try to expand the narrow definitions of womanhood and create something beautiful. Instead of being the subject being gazed upon, I would like for women to gaze back on the world, owning all that they are without any apologies or fear.