Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Still Life

Infra Sculpture

  • Photographer
    Elli Asker
  • Photo Date

“Infra-Sculptures” - is my journey of reconciliation with the uncertainty of our time and my own life. I took comfort in the shapes of everyday objects, pieces of our world that are ordinary and overlooked. In these connections, I recognized aspects of myself within each object. They too had contorted and mutated under the onslaught pressures of external forces. Irrevocably changed and yet they still possessed a distinctive beauty all their own. In the manipulation of colors, inspiring a range of sentiments from tranquility, to chaos, and even a touch of humor.

I'm an awarded artist based in Sweden. I have lived and worked in Spain and the USA and combine travel with a passion for photography. I am an advocate for the positive influence which creative practice can have. My own story is one of immigration prompted by traumatic persecution in my home country and photography has been a way to cope with anxiety and the effects of PTSD. My work is strongly influencing by cinema, music and painting, reflecting the color fields of Impressionist and Expressionist artists.