Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Portfolio / Personal

The Ardennes, A Past Dream and A Real Present.

  • Photographer
    Marc Gaillot
  • Photo Date

In France, the Ardennes are sometimes criticized for a lack of economic dynamism and their post-industrial present. They can be dark and mysterious, but also bright thanks to their green forests, their International Puppet Festival or their famous poet Arthur Rimbaud from Charleville-Mézières. I wanted, with these black and white photographs, to transcribe part of the atmosphere that reigns there through various places and faces. This work may seem dark and it is this mysterious side that is highlighted here. But don’t get wrong, the atmosphere here is sweet and the locals are often great !

I take pictures of life, atmospheres and buildings that surround me during my travels or walks. I particularly like black and white and street photography. I try to show life as it is with a touch of optimism or daydreaming and what funny or sad my photos are always there to honor their subjects. It took me like this in August 2022. Since I publish my work and I commit to try to give the best.