Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Editorial / sports

Band of Brothers

  • Photographer
    Alex Politis
  • Photo Date

Verzasca dam, Switzerland. Home to one of the world’s highest fixed bungee jumping installations and famous from the opening scene in “GoldenEye”. Extreme sports are impressive. But what struck me the most was the bonding. Total strangers from all over the world, acting as a group. The individual passion for the jump was becoming a common purpose. “Your success is my success”. During all the stages before and after the attempt you could witness the cooperation, the support, the encouragement, the sharing of tips and experiences, the celebration.

Alex, 51, is a passionate self-taught amateur, fascinated by the power of images. Above all, he is intrigued by the spontaneity of the moment, where perception and emotions combine. He believes in perpetual learning and self development.