Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Advertising / Travel/Tourism

Simien Mountains - The Roof of Africa

  • Photographer
    Lorenz Berna
  • Technical Info
    Images Made With Fujifilm Xt2 And Fujifilm Xe3
  • Photo Date
    February 2020

Simien, which in Amharic means "the north", is an area still intact, little known and frequented; it gathers in a unique and fascinating whole the most evocative African landscapes: sharp spiers, pinnacles and deep erosions that keep the traveler between amazement and vertigo. I walked in these evocative highlands for a week documenting the landscapes, animals and people who live up here, isolated from the mist of time ...

Lorenz Berna is an award winning Travel and documentary Photographer based in Florence, Italy when is not travelling. He discovered a real passion for photography while backpacking Mexico in 2006. During his travels Lorenz aim to capture the sense of places taking candid moments of street life, together with still images of suggestive places and landscapes, taken in the best possible light conditions. His images have been used by important brands and published in various magazines and newspapers such as Geo, National Geographic and The Guardian.