Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Portfolio / Fine Art

Clouds Revealed

  • Photographer
    Hilde Maassen
  • Agency / Studio
    Hilde Maassen Photography
  • Technical Info
    I Make A Bump Map Of The Image That Are Toyobo Printed Or 3d Printed As Clay Vases.
  • Photo Date

Clouds are changing, they move higher in the atmosphere and can even disappear completely if the CO2 content is too high, recent research shows. Clouds, and therefor the weather, have been manipulated and fabricated since the start of the industrial revolution. This project investigates to what extent it is possible to recreate the information captured in the flat photo. Revealing a hidden spatial experience of the photo. An experimental projedt that started in 2019 and now consists of various manifestations such as Toyobo prints, 3D-printed clay vases, sound, photos and objects.

Hilde Maassen already knew at the age of ten that she wanted to study art. When she discovered photography, the semi-automated process that offers an endless array of possibilities to capture and adapt, transform or manipulate everyday reality, she was addicted. After her studies she started working as a teacher and worked commercially. In the scarce spare time, she works on projects. She has now decided to devote more time for her own work. Researching what is in the image, hidden, recorded, unseen. Hilde looks for ways to retrieve and show it. Currently clouds have captured her imagination.