Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 People / Portrait


  • Photographer
    Xidong Luo

Because of a long and rigorous epidemic Prevention & Control Policies throughout China, social life becomes unprecedentedly inactive in the country. More and more people sank into a state of melancholy, even a very optimistic and sociable character like him was also affected. The strong contrast between his muscular body and the deep melancholy in his eyes poses a dramatic conflict. As a symbol of healing, hope and joy, the sunflower is my best wishes for people who are suffering from melancholia.

Xidong Luo is a self-taught portrait photographer based in southern China. Before photography became her heroin, she worked for a couple of Fortune 500 for a decade and fairly well traveled with global exposure. However, due to a hyper-allergy against office bureaucracy and politics, she quit and spent years backpacking off-the-beaten-track around the world. That’s how she fell in love with photography.