Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Nature / Wildlife

His Majesty The Polar Bear

  • Photographer
    Marcello Galleano

In the realm of silence and ice, while the boundless white landscape is catching my eyes, with no warning it just shows up : the Polar Bear. "I’ve heard a noise", it seems to think as it walks across the snow and turns a fleeting glance towards the lens. Its thick, waterproof coat blends into the ice and it’s nothing short of enchanting.

Marcello Galleano, an entrepreneur in the field of nutraceuticals and herbal medicine, has always been a lover of nature and adventure trips. He has visited more than 85 countries worldwide and collaborates with non-profit associations in Africa and South America. Passionate about wildlife photography, he loves to capture the most incredible moments that the various environments offer and share the beauty of the world.