Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Nature / Flowers

Have A Soft Dream With The Moon

  • Photographer
    Shulan Wang
  • Technical Info
    F/1.7, 1/250s, Iso 400, 28mm, Leica Q (typ 116)
  • Photo Date

If the essence of life is a flowing feast, black and white are its most abstract colors. In the missing chaos, rationality and poetry coexist. "Have a Soft Dream with the Moon" was created during the special period of the outbreak of COVID-19, and it also means the liberation of my ideals and fantasies after long-time lockdown life.

Shulan Wang (b.1994, China) is a fine art photographer based in Paris, France. She holds degrees of European Master of Professional Photography from Spéos International Photography School, Master of Arts from University of Westminster and Bachelor of Art of China Academy of Art. Most of her works started from her self-meditation and expected to find the meaning of eternal existence in the missing chaos, and the balance between rationality and poetry inside. It is about the "return" between the human and nature aiming to find the true selves in our labyrinth of thoughts.