Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Other

Botany of Disquite - Imago

  • Photographer
    Arne Rasmussen
  • Agency / Studio
    Webmobiler V/arne Rasmussen

Botany of disquite Something becomes visible that was not there before. The more I get closer to something that concerns me, it becomes more and more unclear. I have to investigate this. In my working process of approximation, it is important to me to detach selected things, objects, plants, flowers... from the space of their origin in order to reflect on the relationship of being between man and nature in an artistic-aesthetic context. A reflection between man and nature that is more important than ever before and not just a reflection under the self-understanding of positivistic science.

Arne Rasmussen is a Copenhagen-based visual artist photography. His artwork are collected and exhibited in international galleries and museums. Represented at Muset For Fotokunst (noe Brandts...), Odense (dk) and Danmarks Fotomuseum, Herning (dk). International exhibitions include, "Fotografi und Video", Kunsthaus Am Moritzplatz,Berlin (D), Staatliche Filmzentrale Hamburg (DE), "Little Treasure" in Bologna Italy 2017, 14th Pollux Awards Exhibition, Winner, Gallery FotoNostrum in Barcelona, March 4 to March 28, 2020, "Photography in art", 4 art photographer, Art association K√łge bugt, 2022.