Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Abstract

World Below 0°

  • Photographer
    Stephen Spartana
  • Agency / Studio
    Spartana Photogaphy

Water is an amazing compound with many unique properties. The most fascinating being that water expands when transferring to its solid state – ice, unlike any other compound. This color series is an allegory of the theme of expansion and stasis. I’ve photographically captured a frozen scene at lakes edge and the actual freezing process is revealed in the image. Expansion and movement of floating elements arrested to stillness, freezing a scene of organic material layered in ice. Light dances across the surface and penetrates below exposing a hidden world, creating elegant icescapes.

Designing scarves and wraps for Strati, May 30 2022 CollectionOwner/Photographer-Artist/ • May 1983 to Present Professional commercial photographer/videographer for the past 36 years. Location and studio assignments for advertising, marketing & PR, and editorial imagery for various clients including healthcare, educational institutions, non-profits, corporations, retailers, and public agencies.