Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Landscape

Facing America, At The End of The Day

  • Photographer
    Sophie Vincendeau
  • Agency / Studio
    Sophie Vincendeau
  • Technical Info
    F5, Iso 400, Focal 45mm
  • Photo Date

Tribute to Jiro Taniguchi. I go for a walk very often on the beach to take photo of my characters who become apparent on the landscapes with the multiple shades of colors.

I am a Visual Artist photographer with my calibration. I‘m graduate of ESRA in 1992, a high director audiovisual school in Paris. I was a Chief Editor in cinema and documentary film during 25 years and teacher 15 years at the Louis Lumière High school in Paris . I take photo where my characters emerge from the landscapes with the multiple shades of colors. I work on the climate change and the personification. I have 25 series that you can see on my portfolio with 2 projects. I play with the real and the symbolism. The movement and the beauty are in the present moment and in its complexity.