Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Nudes

The Singular Improbabilities

  • Photographer
    Tom Gore
  • Photo Date

These pieces are from an ongoing book project of collaged images that put models from the studio into new and surreal juxtapositions on the streets of North America and Europe. The frisson that results from these recontextualizations is great fun.

After university I became a commercial photographer specializing in fashion and architecture. Since those days I taught art photography, photo journalism and the history of photography at the University of Victoria for many years. I lecture and write about the history of photography, especially the nude and the portrait. My work lies near an intersection between Piero della Francesca and Salvador Dali, between Sandro Botticelli and Paul Delvaux with a clear nod to Rubens and William Mortensen. I work out of a beautiful large studio in Victoria's historic Chinatown.