Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Portrait

The Dark Figure

  • Photographer
    Cédric Brion Studio Clavicule Pics
  • Agency / Studio
    Studio Clavicule Pics
  • Photo Date
    septembre 2022

Witches feed the popular imagination but they also allow to evoke the modern society Photo taken in studio with different flashes and beauty bowls then retouched in photoshop Model Roxy ane

Self-taught photographer born in 1978, living in the city of Mons in Belgium. Passionate about travel, I first turned to landscape photography that I have practiced for over 9 years. With a small compact device at the start, I ended up investing in professional equipment for the rest of my travels: Iceland, Norway, Scotland, United States ... The discovery of Iceland was a real revelation for me: the vastness of the place, the lights, the colors ... pure beauty. It was back from this trip that I started to learn different image editing software.