Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 People / Self-Portrait

#Sensu.Elle&Lui Trans-Fusion-Kintsugi

  • Photographer
    Cecil B and Leodium.Est.Fautographe
  • Technical Info
    Diptych Of Female And Male Self-portrait Silver And Digital.
  • Photo Date

A duo of photographers wanted to restore the balance, to disturb and disguise this #sensuality. The subject: to regain control of their definition of sensuality through subtle self-portraits from their daily lives. A photographic dialogue has been established between them... A visual conversation that ultimately addresses each of us as if we were also its recipients ... Visually we used kintsugi ( ancient Japanese art ) to assemble the dyptics of self-portraits, Like a story. The fusion of gold or of two persons.

Cecil B is a self-taught Belgian artist photographer. For the past ten years, she has been leaning towards author's photography to unload her emotions. A need to create quickly and spontaneously. Like a therapy, she gradually lets her inner images emerge. She has made the self-portrait her universe, her main mode of creation. A bulimic of images, self-portraiture also gives her greater freedom of work and time. Between confidences and poetry, she writes her anxieties, her doubts, her dreams. She is definitely another in the multiplicity of images.