Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Still Life

A Study of Fragility

  • Photographer
    Camilla Gorini
  • Agency / Studio
    Camilla Gorini
  • Technical Info
    Photographs Taken With Rolleiflex Camera Using Ilford Hp5 Film.print 60x60cm Total With Museum Glass
  • Photo Date

A Study of Fragility is a project I worked on during the year 2021. In this purely autobiographical project I dialogue with the theme of fragility, a feeling that has accompanied me in all moments of my life. It is a subtle and tender message of our human condition, an embrace of poetic contemplation on the nature of suffering. The choice of black and white accompanies this path by shortening the distances between the viewer and the image, it eliminates the superfluous, letting the essentials of photography flow and making the portrayed subjects float in a timeless space.