Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Special Effects


  • Photographer
    Cheraine Collette
  • Technical Info
    Digital Photo Composite, Own Photographs Taken With Canon 5d Mark Iii And Hasselblad H5d

Nature, the infinite source of inspiration, has always made mankind dream beyond its own limitations and inspired them to exceed their boundaries. Flying through the sky like birds, moving objects beyond the power of an elephant, and speed beyond the fastest cheetah, and searching for depths beyond the limit of whales. How would humankind be, and have been, without the natural treasures that make us dream and exceed beyond our limits? Rare classic cars photographed with permission at Museum Metropole Druten's Private Collection using a Canon 5D Mark III and Hasselblad H5D.

Detailed creatures of the natural realm paired with fantastical scenes of the imagination have created a signature style. An oeuvre that has become widely awarded and that can be found in esteemed private collections on a global scale. Cheraine Collette is a Dutch artist who specializes in fine art photography and digital painting. Essentially, she creates imaginary worlds composed of photographed parts of nature and locations across the globe. Her work can be summarized in three ways - Authentic, Imaginative, and a longing for beauty.