Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Editorial / Fashion


  • Photographer
    Irene Sekulic
  • Agency / Studio

Are we able to look into our soul? In our conscience? The present is still too contrasted, too primitive for our emotional intelligence. EGO. Is it something we should be scared of? Creative studio: KREOIDEA Photographer and director: Irene Sekulic Team: muse @adamnasr, art @noble2savage, styling @dsr_stylist

Irene Sekulic: Photographer, producer & founder of KREOIDEA & PARTNERS. Irene has a broad experience with fashion industry editorials, campaigns, look-books and catalogues for designers, brands, boutiques and magazines, mainly eco & sustainable fashion brands. Irene founded Kreoidea in 2011. KREOIDEA & PARTNERS. has born as a creative hotspot of international professionals of audio&video scene, visual art, and contemporary learning centre for young content creators and talents on the territory. Clients & Publications:Vogue Italia, Photophoto, Vogue UK, UNHCR,i-D, Luxiders, NY Fashion Week.