Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Editorial / Photo Essay

Ukrainian Refugees

  • Photographer
    Elli Asker
  • Agency / Studio
    Elli Asker Photography
  • Technical Info
    Nikon Z50
  • Photo Date

This project was made during a trip to Poland and Ukraine where I volunteered at the Ukraine-Poland border for seven days, and will never forget what I saw. The faces of hundreds of Ukrainian refugees, lined up at the Polish railway stations in Warsaw and Lublin, haunt me in my sleep. I met them when traveling to Poland to document the events that was unfolding. There is no way to remain detached when confronted with so much pain, confusion, suffering, and trauma.

I'm an awarded artist based in Sweden. I have lived and worked in Spain and the USA and combine travel with a passion for photography. I am an advocate for the positive influence which creative practice can have. My own story is one of immigration prompted by traumatic persecution in my home country and photography has been a way to cope with anxiety and the effects of PTSD. My work is strongly influencing by cinema, music and painting, reflecting the color fields of Impressionist and Expressionist artists.