Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Editorial / Photo Essay

I Was Born In A Camp

  • Photographer
    Joanna Borowiec
  • Technical Info
    Digital/ Analog
  • Photo Date

The story of Jan Chmiel, who was born in the Waltrop forced labor camp – a city in western Germany.Of the 143 children captured in the Waltrop camp, three survived, including Jan. "We were sitting under the floor, there were holes dug, you could not hear even a child cring. When a German came and saw someone holding a child, he would grabbed the baby’s leg or his hand, threw it away and the dog bit it. This is how it was in this camp. When a German entered the barracks, dogs ran, such large dogs that the child was torn in the air before it managed to hide.Do you understand? Can you imagine it?