Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 People / Life Style

Bonded Over The Ping Pong Table

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    Anna Moskalkova
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Bonded over the ping pong table People I photograph are those who would probably never be photographed this way. Even once. In their entire life. It blows my mind that every moment something is happening around the corner that will stay unnoticed forever. Something amazing. Something authentic. Something so simple and "normal" that the beauty of it is overwhelming and difficult to express simultaneously. The way it happens here. In the basement of the community center that belongs to the La Huerta del Rey district of Valladolid. These men are here every Sunday morning. And they are invisible.

I was born in the Urals in Russia. I have traveled the world since I was 20 years old. And always with the camera in my bag. My personal projects about people are my passion. I tend to stay true to myself with what I photograph. Spain s the country I chose for my home and I can't stop admiring the variety of everyday hidden stories this country and the city I live in Valladolid throw at me every step I take. I think that" emotion" would be the word that best describes what I seek to photograph.