Honorable Mention TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Special Effects

Two Worlds

  • Photographer
    Mila Maes
  • Technical Info
    Taken With Polaroid Land Camera 195 And Film Made Of Fuji Fp 100c Negative And Polaroid 669 Positive
  • Photo Date

What if there is a parallel universe similar to ours but slightly different? What if our universes overlap sometimes? Would we be able to see it? Would we be able to feel it? Or is it just a fantasy? You tell me.

I'm a polaroid artist, and I shoot with vintage Polaroid cameras. My art combines two of my passions - nature and polaroids. Nature never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Through observing nature, I learn to understand and love myself. Polaroid offers so many possibilities to create. It's like polaroids create another dimension - a magical world, another realm - so beautiful, perfect, and imperfect at the same time. Polaroid art is my meditation, my way to connect to nature and people, and it makes me very, very happy. And my photography is about love, peace, and care.